Kindle Store Can’t be Searched by Cost.

Searching Kindle eBooks by Price:

Lessons in Futility

My random experiences with searching The Kindle Store for eBooks by price, including $0.00, can be summarized with F-Words, frustrating, fruitless, fiasco, futile, folly…

I decided to see if I could figure out how to find eBooks by price in the Kindle Store. I chose $2.99. When I gave up the above word list still applied but prefaced with another f-word with ing added.  “Inconceivable!” as Vizzini* would say.

Note: This research was done on my PC, not the Kindle.

My Search Phrases & Results:

“$2.99 books” yielded 138 books. Of the first 75 books listed only 5 cost $2.9941 ebooks were priced at 99¢, 13 at $1.99, 7 at $4.95, and 7 at other prices—as high as $12.95.

“$2.99 Kindle Books” yielded the same results as “$2.99 books.” Although these two searches did not result in the information sought, they offered the only consistency I found in this quest.

“books priced $2.99” yielded 0 but asked if I meant “books price $2.99” so I tried it.

“books price $2.99” yielded 1 book but at least it cost $2.99, ironically Titled: How to Price eBooks for the Kindle.

“buy $2.99” which is how the price is worded in each book entry, also yielded only 1 book but it cost $2.75, and was titled: Twitter Wonderful Tactics.

“books for $2.99” Yielded 32 results but prices were scattered over a large range and were not even all books.  A designer Kindle cover for $64 was listed.

“kindle ebooks that cost $2.99” This very specific phrase yielded this result:

Your search “kindle ebooks that cost $2.99” did not match any products.

I made one last desperate attempt.

“all ebooks” with sort by price low to high.  This yielded 11,616, with 12 entries to a page and NO option to increase amount per page, NOR an option to skip ahead pages. The first 14+pages, eBook number 1-170 were priced $0.00, eBook 171 was $.99 but price skipped around a bit until stabilizing at $.99 around 18 pages in. At page 60—yes 60 pages tediously brought up one click each—the eBooks were still $.99. I gave up on reaching $2.99 on that day. I safely rule this method out as a way to buy eBooks by price—except for $0.00 eBooks.

In Summary:  Amazon 8 — Karen 0-zippola.

You won Amazon, I will cease and desist trying to shop by price.

I did send feedback to customer service about the poor navigation options within a search and the impossibility of searching by price.  I’ll post their answer to my very negative feedback.

* Vizzini is a character in The Princess Bride by S. Morganstern

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  1. I want to see the feedback! I bet you gave them the evil smile, too.


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