Top Ten Most Expensive Fiction eBooks in Kindle Store

10 Most Expensive Fiction eBooks in Kindle Store

What a shock!  No, I did not put the decimals in the wrong position!

I could not find an explanation for the price of these books. Their publishing date, rank, number of pages or file size did not correlate to their price. The ebooks were actually discounted, 23% on average not including the outlier of 47% discount on the most expensive ebook!

  • The Kindle publishing date ranged from 2002 to 2009.
  • Three of the ten listed a “Paid in Kindle Store” rank –  590,821 – 608,406 and 617,912.  Somebody has actually bought these ebooks!
  • The number of pages ranged from 304 to 1842. Six of the ebooks were between 400-499 pages.
  • The File Size ranged between 441KB to 27,490KB.

 These books were all listed as Fiction (although the titles don’t sound like fiction to me.)  The list appears out sequence by price, I suspect Amazon’s list order reflects the undiscounted price.  FYI The Most Expensive Non-Fiction book sells for $6,431.20 but that’s another list.

The List:

1. Oil Economists Hand Book: Statistics, 5th Edition, Volume 1 (Vol 1) by JENKINS. GILBERT -Kindle eBook $384.00

2. Practitioner’s Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration by Frank-Bernd Weigand – Kindle eBook $452.79

3. Tobias Smollett by LIONEL KELLY (Kindle Edition – Mar. 23, 2007) – Kindle eBook $320.00

4. Rant on the Court Martial and Service Law by HHJ Jeff Blackett – Kindle eBook $303.75

5. Wilkie Collins by Norman (Ed.) Page  – Kindle eBook  $312.00

6. James Fenimore Cooper: The Critical Heritage by OHN P.WILLIAMS – Kindle eBook $288.00

7. George Orwell: The Critical Heritage by JEFFREY MEYERS – Kindle eBook $320.00

8. Laurence Sterne: The Critical Heritage by ALAN B. HOWES  – Kindle eBook $288.00

9. Edgar Allen Poe by IAN WALKER  – Kindle eBook $288.00

10. W. Somerset Maugham by OHN WHITEHEAD – Kindle eBook $288.00

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  1. Bobbie

     /  06/21/2011

    Sure seems to be quite a bit of &!
    I wonder what the differences are in the books “The Critical Heritage” since there are 3 of them!
    This information shows another plus for checking out library books =*)

    • Long Live Libraries!
      Frankly, none of the the books on the list were something I’d read,–at any price.
      And to think I complain about $7.99.

      I think those three books are about the name preceding Critical Heritage Books but they also have different authors?

  2. Mary D.

     /  06/21/2011

    The legal books are a bit less surprising. When I worked at the law firm, I was shocked when I found out what some of the legal resource books cost. Some of the regular fiction books — if they were antique, collectible hardbound books I’d understand, but not paperbacks!

    • But these books are not even paperbacks; they are eBooks. Just bits of data.
      I think it’s funny that the Kindle store lists Legal Books under fiction. heh heh.
      Actually The Kindle Store search function is really messed up which is what this Friday’s blog is about.

  3. Karen W.

     /  06/25/2011

    I like buying my books at Goodwill for a buck! Ebooks will not catch on with my generation; we like the feel of the book in our hands and not having to worry about batteries or the sunshine.

    • Karen W,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment.

      Actually your generation (and mine) is one of the fastest growing age brackets for Kindles and eBooks. Why?

      You can set the type size bigger and it’s easier to hold a kindle up in arthritic hands.

      I got mine because of eyestrain and my hand cramping while holding a book up. For this I had to give up what I thought was the beloved feel of a printed book. But In less than two weeks I didn’t want to read the printed ones anymore! I certainly NEVER expected that to happen, especially so quickly.

      Also the battery last WEEKs in the pearl Kindle (not color.) Really the charge in mine last over weeks and I use it all the time.

      This same version has less glare than a printed book. It is not back lit like a computer screen; you have to put a light on just like printed books. Sunshine-not a problem.

      Kindle paper back books are the same price or cheaper, and hard bounds run about 1/2 price.

      The classics on Kindle are free to $.99.
      There are tens of thousands of books between $.99 and $2.99.

      See the 5/23/11 blog post for top ten reasons I love my Kindle. (Conversely top ten things I don’t love about my Kindle is the 6/14/11 post.)

      For me I’ve been buying my books for years or trading through a swap club. I like to keep current with favorite authors new releases in series. Half the time the bricks and mortar bookstores don’t even have them, much less libraries and Goodwill. So KIndle works out great for me. I read 2-3 books a week, if I was an occasional reader I wouldn’t buy one.

      Cripes: I sound like a freaking salesman 😦
      I want a commission!

  4. Kay

     /  07/09/2011

    If I had a book I wanted in that price range it would definitely justify illegal downloading… Just saying….


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