Top Ten Things Not to Love About a Kindle

Top Ten Things: I DON’T Love About My Kindle

(But I’m Willing to Live With.)

10  The Battery Lasts so Long…

I forget to check and charge it! I know poor me,  such a quandary!

9   If I click Ahead the Kindle Gets Confused

It remembers that as where I left off. I don’t read ahead, but I do “flip” to the back for Author notes, other books in series, and/or strangely to see  the cover–see #4.

8  I Accidentally Hit Forward Button

or the Back  Buttons on the side or other buttons on the keyboard. I’m improving but I’m a klutz and still activate unwanted actions. This is another reason I didn’t purchase a touchscreen Kindle–I can’t pick up my husbands touchscreen phone without changing the screen.

7  Page Numbers

I miss them. Newer Kindle eBooks have page numbers but you still have to click MENU to see them. I never realized how much attention I pay to what page I’m on.  I’m getting used to watching the % read bar on the bottom but it’s not the same.  Worse eBooks more than three months old only have “line” locations. I have yet to figure out what constitutes a line–it isn’t sentences or rows which change with font size .

Too Many Books to Chose From.

Bookstores are finite and can only hold so many books–not an issue with the Kindle Store.  I can read an excerpt to help decide but I still need to pick which ones to sample. Choice is good but also time consuming.

5   Now I don’t want to read Printed Books.

Such as the pre-Kindle books still in my too read pile or the cheaper books I could get from my book swap club.

4   I miss Printed Book Covers.

Covers can be amazing artwork. Thumbnails don’t cut it. Full size on my Kindle are in grayscale and ugly. Must be why Kindle put the covers at the back of the book. 

3   I’m Never In-Between Books.

While this is a great thing, it’s also a problem.  I need the in-between book times to do to the stuff I’d been neglecting while reading. Like writing my book, blog, housework etc.

2   Most eBooks set at Printed Price.

Not fair, the savings should be shared with the Authors and the Readers. Savings include printing, shipping, warehousing, no risk or unsold stock or running out of stock–as in no $25 Hard Bounds on the bargain pile for $3. eBooks have no resale value. I can’t trade or donate an ebook. eBooks should cost less that printed books.

I’m Afraid I’ll Break the Kindle.

I used to literally live in my books, abuse them, fall asleep on them, spill food and drinks on them. I splash on paperbacks in the hot tub.  My cats pounce on on books. I’m not sure how much abuse a Kindle can take. So far it has survived being dropped to the carpet after I fell asleep in bed.  I assume my guard will wear off and I’ll learn the hard way what abuse it can’t take.

A commenter told me to put the Kindle in a ziplock while in the hot tub. You can read and operate them through the plastic. She bags hers when the kids use it. Hmmm-might work. Too error on the safe side I’ll test it with cardboard in a ziplock first.

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  1. Kay

     /  07/09/2011

    I figure you have books that should be on the kindle and books that should be had copy. Books that are in a series you like but you don’t want to save, obviously go on the kindle. Books that you don’t know much about and want to try out, go on the kindle. Books you’ve read and love and quite possibly will read again, you have for your bookshelf. Books that are classics or for collecting, obviously are for your bookshelf. I know right now you want to use your new gadget, but eventually that will wear off and it’ll be easier to switch between the two. I will always have room in my heart for reading a book, but I will never shut out other options because of it ;).


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