Wikert’s KindleVille Blog is back from iPad Hound Blog

On April 10, 2010,

Joe Wikert’s KindleVille Blog Ended

He  had abandoned his First Generation Kindle and KindleVille Blog for an iPad and his new IPad Hound Blog

On April 10, 2011,

Wickert (JW) came back to KindleVille with his new Kindle 3–and his iPad.

JW had discovered the Kindle3 Wi-Fi worked well as an accessory for his iPad. The iPad was his 3G “jack of all trades” on which he reads short form content but for long form content likes the lighter Kindle.  What he discovered about his Kindle is,

There’s nothing wrong with doing only one thing exceptionally well.

JW reported that compared to his First generation Kindle, the Kindle3’s form is “terrific.” He still sees room for improvement but also points out that a Kindle is practically disposable now, at $139.

His Kindle3 and iPad nest together in an iPod sleeve, but  he’s hosting the blogs for the devices separately.

Welcome back Joe!

Full post at: http://kindleville.blogspot.com/2011/04/why-i-bought-new-kindle-to-accompany-my.html.

Joe Wikert’s Blogs: http://kindleville.blogspot.com/  and   http://ipadhound.blogspot.com/

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