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Can You Judge an eBook by its eCover?

Book stores are like art galleries for browsing book covers. I’ve been known to buy a book simply because of a beautiful cover. Case in point, Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost—which happily turned out to be a very good read as well. The problem is, since Publishers give Authors little or no control over their book’s cover, too often the cover art doesn’t depict the main character or the story accurately.

For many, book shopping has drastically changed. In March my local Borders shut down and I bought a Kindle—without color. I love reading on my Kindle, and better book choices are made with descriptions, ratings and reviews. Sadly, for the visual enjoyment of cover artwork browsing Amazon thumbnails on my PC doesn’t cut it—I try to avoid browsing grayscale thumbnails on the Kindle. The full 6’ grayscale covers on the Kindle screen are just plain ugly. Covers probably look okay on color eReaders and iPads but I’ll bet printed covers are still much better. Maybe Authors/Publishers can sell glossy color postcards of their book covers.

Since eReaders and eBooks are here to stay, shouldn’t the basic format change for eBook covers? Title and Author’s name can barely be made out on thumbnails much less the tag or review lines. Aren’t cover artists and models too expensive to waste on a 1-ish by 2-ish inch format?

What do you think?  What will be the fate of book covers? Will we have Starving Book Cover Artist and Book Cover Models?

Please comment with your opinion. (Don’t forget to vote!)

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  1. Bobbie

     /  06/06/2011

    Well, for old folks like me I still enjoy the regular books. I enjoy seeing how many pages I have read and how many there are left. Sometimes these fancy gadgets (electronic) make my mind swirl!!! You folks that are reading fancy, have fun.

  2. Kay

     /  07/09/2011

    Even though I am completely aware that usually the book covers don’t have anything to do with the books I get half the time, I’m still a sucker for flashy colors, pretty art, and nice fonts. It also judges what I buy in general (Including food and drinks!). Advertising wins.

  3. Bobbie

     /  07/09/2011

    Yes, the fact is that most humans have the tendency to decide in a few seconds, maybe minutes, if they like something or someone. Actually this is sad because there are hidden jewels that need tender loving care before their true brillance is seen. Same with other items that do not breathe. Interesting topic, though.


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